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Kang Tae-Joon (Minho) is a gold medalist for high jumper, but he has lost his form due to injury. To help out her idol, a girl named Koo Jae-Hee (Sulli) disguised herself as a boy and enrolled in the same male high school.

When Tae-Joon (Minho) was competing at the World Youth Competition, Jae-Hee (Sulli) watched him on TV in America and became very emotional.

Despite his friends saying otherwise, Jae-Hee cut his long hair by himself. She then flies to Korea, with plans to stay with Tae-Joon, who is currently injured. Jae-Hee disguises herself as a boy and enrolls at the All-Boys Genie Physical Education High School. On the first day of school, Jae-Hee goes upstairs with her suitcase, but her suitcase is split open and all her clothes fall out. A boy comes and helps her get things. Jae-Hee realizes that the guy who helps her is none other than her idol Tae-Joon. In his excitement, Jae-Hee sits on his suitcase, and starts to slide down the stairs.

Jae-Hee goes to his first class and introduces himself. One of her classmates, Jong-Min (Hwang Kwang-Hee), told her that if she wanted to be their classmate, she would have to go pick up a ball put inside one. The dog pen is located on the campus. Jae-Hee walks to the barn and sees a warning sign about the dog. However, the dog seems friendly with Jae-Hee and she goes inside to get the ball out. At that moment, Jae-Hee hears Tae-Joon's voice and she hides in the canine. Tae-Joon starts talking to the dog and tells the dog that he doesn't want to do the high jump during the commercial shoot tomorrow. Tomorrow will be Tae-Joon's first time jumping high after being injured. Jae-Hee comes out of the kennel and asks Tae-Joon if he's okay after being injured. Tae-Joon becomes angry and leaves.

She went back to the classroom and gave the ball to Jong-Min, who was surprised. The dog is often hostile to passersby. Eun-Gyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo), who is a soccer player, looks at her with a smile.

Then, Jae-Hee goes to her dorm room and learns that she is sharing her room with another student. Upon exiting the bathroom, Jae-Hee sees his new roommate, Tae-Joon! Tae-Joon immediately kicks her out of the room, but with the help of Seung-Ri (Seo Jun-Young), who oversees the student dormitory, she is able to return to the room.

The next day, students at Genie High School gathered to play soccer. Tae-Joon tells Jae-Hee that if she hits her goal, he'll let her stay in his room. Jae-Hee tries hard to score, but collides with Jong-Min and is knocked out. Tae-Joon carries her to the school infirmary. Before she wakes up, Tae-Joon runs to the school gym, where a high jump commercial will be filmed. Meanwhile, Tae-Hee wakes up and she knows that the school doctor knows that she is a girl.


"To The Beautiful You" is based on the comic book "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" by Hisaya Nakajo (published by Hakusensha 1996-2004).

The drama series will be produced by S.M. Entertainment.

Filming began in June 2012. "To The Beautiful You" runs around 21:55 Wednesday & Thursday preceded by "Ghost" and followed by "The Great Seer" on October 10, 2012.

First script reading took place on June 7, 2012 at SBS Ilsan Production Studio. Minho, Sulli, Lee Hyun-Woo, Kim Ji-Won and the other actors attended the reading session.

Actor Minho is trained in high jump by former national high jump athlete and coach Kim Tae-yong.

"To The Beautiful You" is the first TV series to implement the "time bullet" technique popularized in the US film "The Matrix". The technique was carried out on July 20, 2012 at the World Cup Stadium in Daegu, South Korea. The staff deployed 105 different cameras to shoot Tae-Joon (Minho) high jump. This scene will be shown in ep.1 of "To The Beautiful You".

Ep.8 (scheduled to air September 6, 2012) has Kang Tae-Joon (Minho) and Koo Jae-Hee (Sulli) reenacting a famous scene from SBS drama "Secret Garden" with starring Ha Ji-Won and Hyun-Bin. The scene consists of two characters making eye contact while doing a sitting up posture. Filming of that scene took place on August 28 at a university gym in Icheon, South Korea.

Actor Kim Woo-Bin appeared as a guest on episodes 9 and 10. He will play the role of Jae-Hee (Sulli) John Kim's first love. His character is written as a world famous photographer. When Jae-Hee and John Kim have a sweet moment together, Tae-Joon (Minho) and Eun-Gyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo) become jealous.

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