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Rick and Morty Season 6

22 min

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The sixth season of the American adult animated TV series Rick and Morty was ordered before the fourth season of the show finished airing, in May 2020.

Saved from the Citadel ruins by Space Beth, Rick attempts to reset the settings on his portal gun, but accidentally sends him, Morty, and Jerry to their original dimensions. As Summer, Beth, and Space Beth travel back to the Citadel to retrieve the family, Rick is sent to Dimension C-137, where he learns that Diane and Beth's killer and Morty's original Rick was also transported by the reset. Rick aborts the retrieval plan to rescue Morty, who was sent to the Cronenberg World; Jerry informs him that Beth and Summer didn't survive being frozen by the Citadel Malitia and abandons Morty in order to move on completely. Together, Rick and Morty confront Rick Prime[4] but he escapes as Morty convinces Rick to save the rest of the family instead. However, once the Smiths and Space Beth pick up Jerry and return home, they are confronted by that dimension's Jerry, who unwittingly releases a parasitic alien named Mr. Frundles who rapidly infects all matter on Earth and forces the family to relocate to another replacement dimension where their duplicates all died.

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