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Mr. Queen 2020 is an upcoming Korean fantasy, comedy, and historical drama. Is a remake of the webdrama (film screened) The Prince is not promoted to sign of China.


The story of the soul of Jang Bong Hwan, a modern chef working in the Blue House accidentally travels through the air back to the Joseon period and is trapped in the body of a queen. Empress Kim So Yong is played by Shin Hye Sun, who carries the strong soul of an industrialized man and King Cheol Jong played by Kim Jung Hyun, who is famous for ruling the country with an erratic temperament and somewhat insanely crazy.


1. Episode 1 reached the top 3 movies with the highest opening rating in tvN history

Many netizens are surprised with the high achievement of Mr.Queen. Specifically, on December 13, after the first episode aired, the viewership rating reached 8.657% in the Seoul area and 8.030% nationwide, becoming the third highest opening rating drama in tvN history. With this achievement, the movie Princess Trouble is chasing two big rivals, Encounter (Meet) and Mr. Sunshine.

With this achievement, it is impossible not to mention the name "Shin Hye Sun", since the blockbuster TV `` My Golden Life '', the actress has always been unbeaten with the works she participated in. This achievement also proves the unbelievable heat of the "rating queen" Shin Hye Sun. Her companion throughout the movie is none other than Kim Jung Hyun, dubbed the "cheating saint" of Crash Landing On You (Crash Landing On You), who is also an actor with many young fans today. One plus point that makes Princess difficult to easily enter the top 3 is that it is remade from the popular Chinese movie "Mr.Queen".

2. The audience was half crying and laughing right from the first episode "Mr.Queen" aired

With the story of a male chef working in the Blue House named Jang Bong Hwan in episode 1 of Mr.Queen, it is considered funny and interesting for viewers. His soul "strayed" into the body of Queen Kim So Yong (played by Shin Hye Sun) in the Joseon period after falling into the water once. He constantly creates funny effects when he has to deal with the harsh mother-in-law, Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong Ok), and the wife of King Cheol Jong (played by Kim Jung Hyun) with a gentle appearance. stupid but reality is hiding many secrets. Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun both suit the role of "seeing is to see comedy", especially when in panic realizing that they have to be a wife and deal with others.

However, with the achievement right from episode 1 of the movie "Mr.Queen" as well as saying a lot, because this is just a temporary effect and has not yet said anything. There are also many opinions hoping that Princess Hard Near is not affected by the elephant's tail because the journey is very long and at that time, it is known that the film will go into the parking spot like Mr.Queen is the original or not.

3. The female lead is considered as the best actress with both a comedy and compassion

Few people know that Shin Hye Sun used to be a national woman playing all kinds of roles from hateful to pitiful, she is now the second most prominent young actress in television, a name associated with Angel's Last Mission: Love, Golden Life, Secret Forest and Still 17. The 1989-born actress is appreciated for her thorny images and mood scenes, with her talent she can handle all roles. delivery.

In Shin Hye Sun's diverse movie list, the role this time in the movie Mr.Queen is a rare humorous image. Looking at a few teasers, Shin Hye Sun has a charming and attractive comedian, although seen before, despite being appreciated for the tragic scenes. Besides the interesting scenario, Shin Hye Sun is the most attractive highlight of the movie Mr.Queen and that can be considered an exaggeration because with proven ability, flexible acting. and beauty is getting more and more salty.

4. Mr.Queen owns a veteran Korean supporting cast

Bae Jong Ok - post-Baeksang 1993 photo and holds many other prestigious nominations prominent in the main cast of Mr.Queen. She promises to give the audience a deep villain when playing the unpredictable and dangerous Queen Sunwon.

In addition, other names with significant experience such as Cha Chung Ha, Kim Tae Woo or the beautiful male and female Na In Woo, Seol In Ah, Yoo Min Kyu also contribute to increase the power of the cast. cast. And the movie was also very good when he invited Choi Jin Hyuk to play Jang Bong Hwan, dubbed the king of revenge and he also voices the inner character So Yong. With the aforementioned, at least the audience can trust the quality of Mr.Queen. Nearly the ownership of the cast is mostly capable of Korean cinema.


Episode 2 of the movie Mr.Queen with the participation of Kim Jung Hyun, Shin Hye Sun, .. was broadcast on the night of December 13, 2020 with many super funny details. Find out with Xemovie.

Super classic funny wedding night

This episode will follow the first wedding night of King Cheoljong (played by Kim Jung Hyun) and Queen Queen Kim So Yong (played by Shin Hye Sun). Bong Hwan's first wedding night thought it would be quite smooth with no one touching anyone, but then that fantasy of his soul was not like that. He feels a dark and painful memory of being hidden in So Yong's body and that concerns the client and King Cheoljong.

Not stopping there, So Yong encountered a difficult rival, Jo Hwa Jin, on his second marriage. Hwa Jin expressed hatred meant to be hostile towards her, not the same cheerful attitude that she gave her.

Bong Hwan's character knows how to choose factions to lean towards.

Bong Hwan also felt the power of the two wings, Pyongyang Jo and Andong Kim. Bong Hwan knew who was in real power through his mother teaching History, specifically, it was not Queen Dowager Sunwon or King Cheoljong but Prime Minister Kim Jwa Geun. Bong Hwan immediately made Cheoljong angry and jealous when he showed himself clearly leaning towards Prime Minister Kim.

On the visitor's face, Cheoljong continued to disguise himself as a guest looking for corrupt documents of the great government at night, during the day pretending to be a powerless king. And only the person who holds the most evidence can win the battle of Mr.Queen (2020).

Bong Hwan constantly bothered Cheoljong when he kept his mind about whether this body lost its virginity on the wedding night or not. Bong Hwan has to receive the royal training curriculum strictly while the chastity story has not been resolved, making the movie "Mr.Queen" even more dramatic to the audience.

"Why can't you love me?" The most expensive line in episode 2 of the movie Mr.Queen

Bong Hwan's heart was strangled as the memories in So Yong's body continued to appear. He realized that So Yong was only unrequited with Cheoljong thanks to a short memory, and he always sees her as an enemy. Cheoljong's hatred is testament to this body's virginity remains. Bong Hwan accepts the Crown Prince's offer of a shared room with the desire to fill the lake. Jo Hwa Jin was preoccupied with this after the news spread quickly to this person's ears. The night of the main accident, Hwa Jon was the one who pushed So Yong into the water. If Cheoljong and her have a relationship, Hwa Jin will really go crazy.

Although he agreed to a room contract, Bong Hwan offered to live separately and not touch each other. Having reached a survival agreement, Bong Hwan escapes from the palace to enjoy the beauty as well as to escape the room, even Cheoljong is overjoyed. Bong Hwan has decided to protect her body in the best way when he knows about So Yong's past, lonely and strict to keep everyone away from her.

Playing in the academy almost Shin Hye Sun was assassinated by her husband

While playing at the academy, Kim Byung In and Bong Hwan met each other, but the two did not recognize each other even though it was the prime minister's son and also the brother sister of So Yong's body. Because he was too drunk, Bong Hwan entered the wrong room of Cheoljong and was pursued by him urgently to assassinate. His assassination of So Yong is always part of the plan to eliminate the ruler sooner or later. Unfortunately, she broke the plan too soon and had to save it immediately.

The power marriage will cheoljong will kill his wife just married for a few days? How do not love and long-awaited conspiracies happen, let's watch episode 3 of Mr.Queen (also known as the Crown Prince of the Promotion of Korea) on Saturday - Sunday weekly on tvN channel and the earliest updated Engsub at Xemovie on the same day.

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