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Izombie Season 5

42 minutes

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iZombie is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggeiro for The CW, based on the comic book of the same name published by DC Comics. It stars Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, David Anders and Aly Michalka. It premiered on March 17, 2015. On May 6, 2015, The CW announced the renewal of the series for a second season, which premiered on October 6, 2015. The series was renewed for a third season on March 11, 2016, which premiered on April 4, 2017. On May 10, 2017, The CW renewed the series for a fourth season. On May 11, 2018, The CW renewed the series for a fifth and final season.

IZombie synopsis

Olivia "Liv" Moore was a disciplined medical student who had her life path completely mapped out until she was turned into a zombie. Like any other zombie, Liv is doing her best to blend in and appear human. Her current appearance passes for goth, with pale skin and nearly white hair, and her attitude has gone from exuberant to always exhausted. The girl's change is disconcerting for Eva, her mother; Major, her ex-fiancé; and to Peyton, her best friend and her roommate. Reluctant to devour fresh human brains, Liv manages to get a job at the Seattle coroner's department, where she has access to the brains she must eat to maintain her humanity. Despite carefully covering her tracks, Liv's boss Ravi Chakrabarti discovers her secret. Even with her boss's enthusiasm, Liv is resigned to an eternity without hope or purpose, until she discovers that with every brain she consumes, she absorbs that person's memories and behavior, beginning to experience visions from the other person's point of view. murder victims, gaining detailed knowledge of crime scenes and motives that is difficult to explain. Posing as a medium, Liv works with Detective Babineaux helping to solve homicide cases to quiet the voices in her head.

IZombie CAST

Rose McIver • Malcolm Goodwin • Rahul Kohli • Robert Buckley • David Anders • Aly Michalka •


There isn't a single person on the planet who hasn't heard of this film. The cast also does an excellent job in their parts. Before you read this review and before I give you any spoilers about the plot, I strongly advise you to watch the film. It's nearly impossible not to like IZombie. The plot is well-crafted, the pacing is excellent, and all of the performers provide outstanding performances. Because of how excellent it was, it film stands out in my mind. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting it. I strongly advise everyone to watch this film; you will not be disappointed.


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