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Forbidden Love 2022

40 min

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Forbidden Love is an online drama based on the novel ""Futu Tower"" by the fourth sister You, directed by Wu Qiang. The drama is starring Wang Hedi, Chen Yuqi, He Rundong and Zeng Li. The drama is being broadcast on the iQIYI platform..


It mainly tells the story between Xiao Duo, the eunuch who is in charge of the government, and Buyinlou, a talented person who should have been buried. During the Longhua period, the eunuch Xiao Duo and King Fu planned the palace change and helped him ascend to the throne. The talented Bu Yinlou, who was supposed to be buried, was rescued by Xiao Duo because of the emperor's fancy, and was later placed in Xiao's mansion. Xiao Duo went to Jiangnan to supervise the silk and satin transactions with foreign countries, and Yinlou went south with him to visit relatives. During the period, the two fell in love and could not extricate themselves, and finally revealed their intentions, but there were many obstacles in the way, Xiao Duo's true identity, the threat of Nanyuan King, the palace The emperor's suppression, a mistake will lead to the disaster of death. Yinlou sacrifices himself for the overall situation and decides to enter the palace, but Xiao Duo, who doesn't know what to do, misunderstands her.


Dylan Wang as Xiao Duo

Chen Yu Qi as Bu Yin Lou

Peter Ho as Murong Gao Yong

He Nan as Tong Yun

Zeng Li as Empress An Rong


Title: Forbidden Love 2022

Director: Wu Qiang

Genres: historical, drama,

Country: China

Rating: 9

Release Date: N/A

Duration: 40 m

Forbidden Love 2022 Trailer

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