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Empress Ki is a Korean historical drama produced in 2013, including 50 episodes, aired on MBC from October 28, 2013 with the participation of actors Ha Ji-won, Joo Jin Mo, and Ji. Chang-wook and Baek Jin Hee play the main roles.


Yang yi, a Cao Ly girl on the way with her mother, was taken to work as a female tribute to the Yuan family to meet Prince Cao Ly named Wang Yoo. The prince was deeply saddened when he witnessed the spectacle of the people of his country being taken to another country as slaves and then secretly releasing them away in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the incident broke down. The Nguyen army chased and killed the fleeing people. Yang Yi's mother took her name for her to help Yang yi get away from death, she gave her trustee and wished her to find her father Ki, Gi Cheol, after which she passed away.

Yang yi set out to find her father, fearing being arrested again as a female tribute, she disguised herself as a man, then was recruited by Shenyang Wang, named Wang Go. But ironically, Wang Go is the oligarchy who recruits female tribute to the Yuan Dynasty. From there, Yang yi / Ki Seung Nyang started to learn martial arts and became a famous master, then established the Wild Wolf state (Ki Seung Nyang is homophonous with the word Wild Wolf), on the one hand, he still helped Wang Go smuggling salt for money. ransom the female tribute of the Nguyen family, who are relatives of the members of the state, to return home, on the one hand, to inform the court of the investigation. Prince Wang Yoo received the alias of Ki Seung Nyang, embarked on recruiting outside heroes and investigating Wang Go with his wing. Here, Ki Seung Nyang reunites with Wang Yoo but the two are unable to recognize each other. Ki Seung Nyang continued to be a double agent and helped Wang Yoo defeat Wang Go's power and ascend to the throne of Cao Ly.

After helping the Prince, Ki Seung Nyang returned to the state when he was arrested by court soldiers. She was arrested to the guild and beaten. Touched and heartbroken when he watched the innocent people, because of the wrong country, followed the black path, the general named Gi Ja-o released Ki Seung Nyang. Inadvertently, Ki Seung Nyang discovered that this general Ki was her father, she continued to pretend to be a man to join him and help him with his work.

The Yuan Dynasty Emperor Toghon was exiled to Cao Li. General Gi Ja-oh was ordered to welcome him. In fact, the Yuan dynasty wanted to exile Ta Hwan to Cao Ly in order to defeat Ta Hwan and blame Cao Ly. One of the healers surnamed Truong informed Ta Hwan and told him to pretend to be sick to prolong the time to escape. In the middle of the night, Ta Hwan sent an eunuch to pretend he was on the bed, then put on his soldier's uniform and ran away. Unexpectedly, Ta Hwan was discovered by Ki Seung Nyang and forced to remove horse droppings. With the support of General Ba Nhan of the Nguyen Dynasty, over night, thieves broke into the camp to kill the eunuch in Thai clothes and fled. Ba Nhan still blamed Cao Li as planned even though he found out that Ta Hwan was not dead. Ki Seung Nyang learned of this and found Ta Hwan to return to save the life of the country. When Ta Hwan returned intact, the Yuan family plan collapsed, Ki Seung Nyang met Wang Yoo again. Wang Yoo ordered Ki Seung Nyang to follow Ta Hwan's protection when Ta Hwan was exiled on the island.

Later, as Ki Seung Nyang's daughter was revealed, Ta Hwan fell in love with her, and Wang Yoo also fell in love with her. From here, a heartbreaking love story between Ki Seung Nyang, Ta Hwan and Wang Yoo begins ...


Ha Ji-won as Queen Ki / Ki Seung Nyang

Hyeon Seung-min as Yang yi

Joo Jin-mo as Wang Yoo

An Do-gyu as Wang Yoo

Ji Chang-wook as Ta Hwan Cheob-mok-i

Jin I-han as Tal Tal

Baek Jin-hee as Queen Tanasilli (Danashiri), the daughter of Prime Minister Yeon-Chul

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