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A Romance of the Little Forest

40 min

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"Forbidden Love 2022" is directed by Cai Cong, starring Yu Shuxin, Zhang Binbin, Li Jiaqi, Ding Guansen, Wu Difei, An Ge, Liu Jieyi, Ye Keer, and Cui Yi, Li Ye, Li Wenling, etc. drama. The drama was broadcast on Youku Video on September 15, 2022.


Zhuang Yu, a professor of botany who is devoted to the cultivation of Artemisia annua, is devoted to scientific research and is indifferent to worldly fame, fortune and social interaction, which also inadvertently hurt the country girl Poppy who had a good impression of him many years ago. Many years later, Yu Meiren obtained a doctorate in ornithology with honors. Because she did not want to bear the pressure of scientific research, she changed her career and became a fashion blogger. She accidentally formed a relationship with Zhuang Yu again. Zhuang Yu went to Qingshui Village to conduct field research, and happened to live in Yumei's homestay. With the help of Yu Meiren, Zhuang Yu's scientific research progressed smoothly. At the same time, he also felt the love and warmth that plants cannot give from Yu Meiren. Yu Meiren was also inspired and inspired by Zhuang Yu's dedication to academics, and was determined to take responsibility and use what she had learned to feed back her hometown. One of them keeps making progress to overcome difficulties, the other actively advocates protecting the environment. Although the two young people have different starting points, they walk hand in hand with love because of the same ideal of building the motherland and hometown.


Vin Zhang as Zhuang Yu

Yu Shu Xin as Yu Mei Ren

Li Jia Qi as Li Tian Tian

Ding Guan Sen as Jin Xi

Jerron Wu as Lv Jian


Title: A Romance of the Little Forest

Director: Cai Cong

Genres: comedy, drama, romantic

Country: China

Rating: 8.2

Release Date: Sep 15, 2022

Duration: 40 m

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