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The Silence of the Marsh (2019)


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The Silence of the Marsh (2019) Review


The Silence of the Marsh is a 2019 Spanish mystery thriller web film written and directed by Marc Vigil. The film stars Pedro Alonso, Àlex Monner and Carmina Barrios in the lead roles. The film's plot is based on a novel written by Juanjo Braulio, and the story revolves around a journalist turned crime novelist who also commits a crime. The film initially premiered at the 2019 Seville European Film Festival. The Silence of the Marsh was made available for streaming on Netflix on 22 April 2020 and opened to mixed reviews from critics.

The many familiar faces

Pedro Alonso plays the lead actor in The Silence of the Marsh. He plays the writer known simply as Q. You might know Pedro Alonso from the Netflix series The Ministry of Time or Money Heist. During most of this movie, we see things from his point of view. But not always… more on this later.

Other key characters are portrayed by actors such as Javier Godino and José Ángel Egido.

You may recognize José Ángel Egido from the Netflix crime anthology Criminal. He was (of course!) in the segment titled Criminal: Spain.

Also, Javier Godino was in the brilliant The Secret in Their Eyes which won an Academy Award for best foreign film. It was also later remade in the US. Javier Godino doesn't have a significant role in The Silence of the Marsh, but you will immediately get chills when you saw him.

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The Silence of the Marsh_ _was directed by Marc Vigil, who also led ten episodes of the Netflix fantasy series The Ministry of Time (org. title El Ministerio del Tiempo). Marc Vigil has worked on quite a lot of TV series and directed a few short films. The Silence of the Marsh is his first feature film which is very promising.

The screenplay writers are Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña. Carlos de Pando previously wrote on various TV series, including _The Ministry of Time, _while Sara Antuña wrote on the Netflix series Victim Number 8. She's one of the creators of that particular series.

The screenplay is adapted from the novel by Juanjo Braulio. I was not familiar with the book, so I can't speak to how good an adaption is. Only how good the story of the movie is, and it is good but also very fragmented. Maybe the short runtime of 90 minutes is too short. It certainly wouldn't have hurt to have spent more time on various elements along the way.