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The Medium (2021) Information

  • Native Title: ร่างทรง
  • Also Known As: Raang Song , Rang Zong , Rang Song , Rang Jong , Rangjong , 랑종
  • Screenwriter: Ter Chantavit Dhanasevi, Yemenz Siwawut Sewatanon
  • Screenwriter & Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun
  • Genres: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural
  • Movie: The Medium
  • Country: Thailand
  • Release Date: Jul 11, 2021
  • Duration: 2 hr. 10 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
  • IMDB : 6.6/10 (823 reviews)
  • Google: 84/100

    The Medium (2021) Plot

    Following a middle-aged female shaman named Nim living in Northeast Thailand , The Medium (2021) takes viewers to the strange things that have happened to Mink - Nim's niece since her father. This young girl passed away. Will she be possessed and controlled by some dark force? Watch the movie to get the answer.

Actually, the religious culture of Thailand is quite close to Vietnam, so the elements that make up the horror in the movie are really real and enough to haunt viewers. Although told in the form of a documentary with a first-person perspective, the story of The Medium (2021) is extremely attractive, attractive, dramatic and makes viewers nervous and afraid with every move of the characters. . However, the film is still wrapped up and contains many confusing details, so it can reduce the audience's movie viewing experience. Let's review the review and analyze some of the pluses and minuses of this movie.

Audience reacts to The Medium (2021)

Plus mark:

As mentioned above, The Medium (2021) is filmed in the style of a documentary from a first-person perspective, so it feels incredibly real and natural, even it is so real that it's as if you're standing there. in the Northeast of Thailand join the story. More specifically, the night camera scenes really give the audience goosebumps because they amplify the viewer's imagination with vague and creepy images from the character. These can be considered the most horror segments of the film and it is difficult for any movie of the same genre to match, even if it is the famous horror series Paranormal Activity.

The story of The Medium (2021) is strangely attractive, although the content is extremely simple and familiar like many other horror movies with the motif of a young girl being possessed, so the magicians have to carry out the rituals. exorcism ceremony. However, the interesting storytelling of the filmmakers along with the close and mysterious details have helped the film create its own appeal as well as make the audience curious and attentive from beginning to end to discover. break the outcome of the story and explain the problems in the heart when following. The Medium (2021) can be divided into 2 halves with 2 different scare styles. The first half made the audience panic with doubts and obsessions about a girl haunted by mysterious dark forces. The second half of the story brings fear with images of death, gore, Western-style jump scares, and even a little bit of a combination of zombie style with subtraction rituals. bold Southeast Asian character . These two ways of doing things both create diversity for the story, and harmoniously link together, bringing the ultimate fear to the viewers.

Image and sound are also one of the points that The Medium (2021) is very good at creating gloom and horror for viewers through colors, angles, character creation and blur in the scenes. footage. Indeed, the haunted character in this movie is too well-formed, superior to many other horror movies because just looking at it for 1 second, the audience is already obsessed. The music is mysterious, with a hint of folk, so it makes everything afraid even more afraid of you guys.

The acting of the actors is extremely good, bringing a realism and believability to the story of The Medium (2021). The 21-year-old young girl Narilya Gulmongkolpech had an extremely excellent incarnation from shape to expression, making the audience feel scared every time she appeared. It's a pity that she's so pretty that no matter how hideous the image is, viewers still see mlem. The other actors all bring great naturalness and realism, thereby making the story more relatable and believable in the eyes of viewers. Minus point

Perhaps the biggest minus point of The Medium (2021) is the reluctance and heavy setting in some movie details. Many viewers will wonder why the characters act in such a lack of salt or think that if they wait outside, they will do it differently rather than act like a movie to push such a climax. In addition, the confusion in many details and a fairly open ending makes the audience feel somewhat unsatisfied about the film. Finally, for those who have seen the film The Wailing (2016) by director Na Hong-jin (currently the producer of The Medium ), there will certainly be comparisons and familiarity, so experience when following. track maybe not as high as others.

To sum up , The Medium (2021) is an excellent Thai horror film. The film haunts and terrifies the audience with the closeness, naturalness and realism in the plot, images, sounds and performances of the actors. Although there are some small flaws and hidden things that are difficult to understand, this makes the film stand out longer in the minds of viewers. If you want to test your bravery, find and check out The Medium (2021) now and forever!

Explanation for The Medium (2021)

  1. Why is Mink possessed and what is possessed by Mink?

Beautiful young girl Mink is haunted for the following reasons:

Firstly, Mink's paternal side did too many unethical things in the past, leading to the descendants having to suffer retribution. Min's ancestors had already killed many people. Mink's great-grandfather did something bad and was stoned to death by the staff. Mink's grandfather intentionally set fire to the factory (which could cause many people, animals and plants there to die or be injured) to gain insurance benefits, so when everything broke down, he had to commit suicide by taking poison. It was these evil karmas that caused the Mink family to be cursed by one of the victims of the above incidents.

At the end of the film, we see a doll with the Mink family name on it with many needles stuck in it and placed in the factory where Mink's grandfather set it on fire, proving that witchcraft was performed by someone development and the Minks must bear the consequences of their forefathers.

Second, the Mink family also committed a pretty serious crime that they didn't know it was killing and trading dog meat. Not only Thailand but also in Vietnam and many other Asian countries believe that the act of killing, eating and profiting from the killing of this most loyal animal to humans will incur heavy penalties after. Third, Mink's mother was chosen by Bayan to become a medium (or alternatively, a psychic/shaman) but she refused by deceiving her younger sister, Nim. often wears her clothes and casts spells on Nim's shoes to change her direction from being a medium to Nim. She even practices Christianity to cover up and avoid her destiny, although when she entered Christianity, it seems that she is not very sincere (this can be clearly seen in her living habits. and the way Noy prays). It was this deception and lack of faith that weakened the protection of the gods for the Noy family and suffered much pain to atone for these mistakes.

Because of the above reasons, bad luck continuously happened to the Mink family. For example, Mink's parents often quarreled and quarreled; Mink's father suffered every day from cancer and died within a year of being discovered. Mink leads a promiscuous lifestyle, debauchery, and even has an incestuous relationship with her brother Mac. Faced with the prohibitive pressure of family, religion and culture, Mac had to hang himself to be freed. To avoid social disapproval, the Mink family had to make up the story that Mac died in a traffic accident.

So what's possessed Mink? This is indeed an extremely difficult question to answer because there are many entities competing to take over Mink's body and they have great power. Besides, the audience also did not determine when Mink began to be haunted by curses aimed at her family. Note that it is possible that Mink's debauchery and incest is also led by evil spirits because the astral body of young girls born into a family like Mink is usually lighter than others, so once cursed, the body will also be more susceptible to being possessed.

However, it can be seen that after the death of her brother Mac and father Willow, the effect of the enchantment on Mink became stronger, so she was more susceptible to the effects of the dark forces. The demons that possessed Mink tricked Mink's mother into thinking that her daughter was being chosen by Baya, so she took Mink to the shaman for purification. It was this that made Mink's body lose its protection and became a jar without a lid that any demon could enter and occupy.

At each stage, we will see Mink possessed by one or more types of demons. From children (slides playing, ball house, pushing children) to prostitutes, to animals, plants, wandering ghosts and even powerful demons, all chose her as their object. return to the underworld. All the people and things that were killed, bullied or wronged by the Mink family gathered in Mink's body, turning her into a host containing a terrible evil power like we are. seen on film. However, there may be a boss demon behind this mess and his identity will be revealed by Review Review in the next questions.

  1. Why did Nim die?

Perhaps many viewers will be a bit disappointed when the main narrator - the female shaman/shaman Nim mysteriously dies before performing the exorcism ceremony. The Medium (2021) doesn't offer a clear explanation for her death, but we can infer something interesting from the plot twists the film installs.

Nim was originally the person chosen by the god Baya in an indirect way (pushed by his biological sister). She tried to commit suicide many times to avoid this fate, but then she believed in fate and received the power given to her by the gods. With that ability, she cured many people's diseases related to spirituality as well as discovered something strange in Min at the first contact at her brother-in-law's funeral (her goosebumps suddenly popped up). and knew well that the dark forces entered Min, despite the doubts and objections of her sister Noy. Her strength comes from her belief in Baya and the good deeds she does to help people.

Not only that, but Nim also patiently prayed day after day to find Mink's location when she went missing. It was her patience and faith in the gods that helped her find Mink by breaking an egg. Nim can be seen finding dirty and strange objects that Mink brought home, then testing the reaction when breaking eggs with each object. While checking with objects at the old factory, Nim noticed that the egg had turned black so she knew where Mink was.

However, when she arrived at the old Mink factory, feeling the evil power there, she began to waver. Nim's fear was even greater when the statue of Baya - the god she put all her faith in was beheaded. In addition, when taming Mink who was possessed by a demon, Nim learned that he was chosen by Baya because his sister used a spell to switch. It was such information that made Nim, even though he did not say it, still had worries and concerns in his heart.

The more she comes into contact with her possessed grandson, the greater her fear of what she believes in and the devil she is about to face. Therefore, even though he did not like the mage, Nim also had to bring Mink to work with him to expel the demons from Mink. As the day of the exorcism approached, Nim must have prayed to Baya a lot and began to doubt this god. The most concrete proof for the above statement is that in the interview scene at the end of the movie, Nim burst into tears because he was very confused, because he did not feel the presence of the god, because it was not clear whether the god Baya really chose and gave power. for her or not? As a result, she broke down the altar in her house and died for unknown reasons in her bed in the locked house.

Nim's death can come from being too desperate, but it can also come from being killed by other evil spirits. This comes from the fact that there is a close-up shot of maggots on the floor when Nim's dead body is discovered, implying the presence of a dark force. It was the loss of faith that made Nim weak and attacked by demons. However, there is another explanation for Nim's death that I will discuss in the next section when discussing the god Baya.

  1. Who is Baya and who beheaded the statue of Baya?

According to Nim's story, we can see that Baya is one of the ancient gods of a small village in Northeast Thailand , along with many other gods. People in this area are very superstitious, so they believe that everything from trees, mountains, fields, animals is a god. In it, the good god will bless them and the bad god will cause calamities and bring a lot of pain.

As for Baya, Nim considers him to be a good god even though no one knows about his background. Baya only chooses women as humans for him to enter and grant power. From the time of the grandmother to the aunt and finally to Nim are all people chosen by the god Baya. They suffered from physical pain such as constant headaches or menstrual cramps lasting up to 5 months, even feeling depressed and wanting to die. This will come to an end when they accept this fate and believe in Baya.

Apparently Baya also gave Nim psychic powers so she could heal people and intuitively detect other evil things. However, with the information about the background as well as the way to transmit the power of the god Baya mentioned above, we can completely raise many doubts about this character. The reality shows that many localities often worship demons but mistakenly believe they are worshiping gods because when they worship demons, they will also be protected and even have power. People in the countryside of Nim may be mistaken for Baya as a good god, but according to Ghien review, if we pay close attention, we will see that Baya is a bad god or frankly he is the devil.

For example, in the case of Mink. In the first half of the movie, this girl has the symptoms of being possessed very much like her mother - Noy and Nim have experienced, proving that Baya may be the one who has possessed Mink. However, Mink's symptoms of being possessed seem more severe and dark because Mink's family is also under the curse of charms, so Nim feels strange and thinks that what has entered Mink is not a god. gave me strength.

But in the part where Mink is possessed by a demon, when Nim asks who is what in Mink's body? Mink replied that I was Baya. Besides, Mink also told about Noy using spells to transfer fate to Nim, even knew that his uncle (Noy and Nim's brother) liked to take care of young girls, proving that this demon had followed the family closely. Mink family for a long time, so the argument that what entered Mink is Baya is completely valid.

This also helps to explain the question of why the statue of Baya was beheaded. Maybe when he entered the Mink plus the curses available to this human, Baya revealed his demonic nature, so he broke his own head to blame other demons. Another theory is that Mink's mother, Noy, was the one who cut off Baya's head because she thought Baya was tormenting Mink. However, according to the review, this is not reasonable because before that, Noy and Nim went to worship Baya to ask for forgiveness and help find Mink.

If Baya is a bad god, then there is more reason to explain Nim's death. Perhaps in the last days of her life, Nim realized that Baya was the devil, so she became confused, disappointed, miserable and desperate, so she broke the altar and as a result, she was killed by Baya herself.

  1. Why does the exorcism leave Mink at home and replaced by the mother?

The shaman realized that Mink's body was the reservoir of a mixture of demons, from animals and plants to entities with great power. Therefore, the purpose of his exorcism is to lure these demons into believing that their host is at the factory, from which they will return to this fake host and escape from Mink. That's why he left Mink at home, sealed the door and left it to a disciple and uncle Mink's wife to look after, to distract the demons.

He covered Mink's mother's face with a piece of cloth that had spells painted on it. After chanting the spell, the low-level demons (animals, plants, some people died unjustly) returned to the factory and entered Noy. Seeing this, the magician took an exorcism knife and stabbed her so that she spit out the demons' souls into the prepared jar. Thought that when the demons were sealed into the jar and burned with Mink's clothes, everything would be resolved. However, the leading demon that possessed Mink was not so easy to deceive. He faked the crying of a baby for Uncle Mink's wife because he wanted to save the child, so he opened the seal, freeing Mink and the demon in her. When he got out and knew he was tricked, this evil man brutally murdered everyone at home, including the innocent baby.

  1. What is the ending of the movie and what is the message of the movie?

Once released from the seal, the demon in Mink began to come to the factory. He manipulated other demons into the mage's body and caused him to fall from above and break the bottle containing the evil spirits. The demons escaped, joined the mage's disciples and began to attack humans. It can be seen that most of these demons are dogs that were killed by the Mink family, so their movements, movements and expressions are all imitating the image of dogs.

Meanwhile, Mink's mother, after being possessed by a demon, was opened and felt the power of the god Baya (probably because the demon in Mink was Baya and he went to the factory so with a narrow range, Noy began to sense him). At the instigation of other spirits, she said survivors continued to perform exorcisms. However, to her surprise, she took the pile of incense that everyone had just prayed for and stuck it back into the censer, as if it were a way to summon the devil.

Indeed, the summoned beast spirits immediately entered the people who burned incense there. They all have animal manifestations, where Mink's uncle is probably possessed by a monkey ghost, kills a cameraman, and then jumps from the 5th floor to the ground. Mink's mother saw the scene with pleasure because at that time, she probably couldn't control herself.

The demon in Mink's body and the dog demons went up to where Mink's mother was standing. She grabbed Mink's head and recited the spell she often heard Nim say to hope that Baya's power would blow away the demon and return her daughter to her. However, she did not know that it was Baya who was in the form of Mink and he immediately strangled, pushed and poured oil to burn her alive with charms that cursed the Mink family. Although The Medium (2021) has an open ending and does not show Mrs. Noy ​​being burned, it is conceivable that such burning has both let her taste the pain this family has caused to others, and help the demon completely possess Mink's body.

The message that The Medium (2021) wants to convey to viewers is to criticize the superstitions of people living in remote rural areas of Thailand . The film also highlights faith and gives viewers eye-catching lessons about what you sow, what you reap.

  1. Some interesting details of The Medium (2021)

In addition to the answers to the above outstanding questions, Review Enthusiast also wants to share with you some interesting details of The Medium (2021), specifically as follows:

In the opening scene of the film, we see some houses hanging red shirts outside. This is a real thing in Thailand in the years 2012-2013 when a few rural areas in Thailand appeared a widow ghost, specializing in killing men at night. Even up to 10 men died in a row for unknown reasons, so people had to hang red shirts to scare away this scary ghost.

Also in the first segment, some houses have four pillars in the shape of a penis. It is the custom of some local religions in Thailand to beg their children. This introductory segment shows the audience how strong the superstition and belief in the gods of the rural people are.

On the night of Mink's father's funeral, Nim saw Mink sitting staring at a blind old woman. Perhaps because of her blindness, this person sensed that Mink was being possessed by demons, so she suffered a tragic end and was found dead the next morning. However, when asked by the cameraman, Mink did not know about this blind old woman, showing that Mink was often possessed by dark entities.

Mink's sex scenes with different men at the office all take place between 1am-2am, which is the time frame when the devil dominates. Therefore, it is likely that Mink was possessed by other demonic women and controlled her body to do those depraved things.

The dream that Mink often sees about a large man licking the blade and having a severed head on the ground can be a harbinger of the return of innocent people who were killed by Mink ancestors in the past enemy.

In the scene where Mink is sitting in a car with his mother to a shaman's house for purification (because the mother suspects that Baya is choosing her child), if you pay attention you will see Mink's reflection through the umbrella. I'm wearing a very weird smile. This may be because Mink's mother fell into a trap and followed this demon's plan because by doing so, Mink would be unleashed and the devil could have full control over this girl.

Before the exorcism, the shaman asked the cameraman if he noticed the words "red car" in the back of the car, even though the car was actually blue. The videographer immediately asked if this line was related to the exorcism, the magician did not answer but only smiled mysteriously. The reviewer doesn't really understand the meaning of this, but it can be deduced that this is also one of the tricks for him to trick the demons into bringing Noy to the exorcism instead of Mink.

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