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Raya and the last dragon (2021)


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Raya and the last magic dragon is an American animated action adventure in 2021. The film is co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. This is the 59th animated film of the studio, with two main directors, Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada, and Paul Briggs and John Ripa as co-directors. The production of the film is played by Osnat Shurer and Peter Del Vecho, with the script by Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim in charge. The film features the voices of many Asian American actors, including Kelly Marie Tran as the female lead Raya, Awkwafina as the dragon Sisu, along with actors Izaac Wang, Gemma Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, Benedict Wong, Sandra Oh, Thalia Tran, Lucille Soong and Alan Tudyk.

The movie opens with Druun devastating the prosperous land of Kumandra, evil spirits attack the people, and dragons defend the land by turning it all to stone. Sisu, the last dragon, concentrated his magic on a jewel and banished Druun, reviving the people of Kumandra but unable to revive his fellow dragons. A power struggle for the dragon ball divides Kumandra's people into tribes, based on their position along a giant dragon-shaped river: Long Nha, Long Tam, Long Cot, Long Trao and Long Tails; in which Long Tam holds the responsibility of protecting the gemstone. 500 years later, Chief Benja of the Long Tam tribe trains his daughter, Raya, so that she can become the guardian of the jewel.

Convinced that the tribes could be reunited, chief Benja decided to throw a party for the leadership of all five tribes. During the party, Raya befriends Chief Virana's daughter Namaari from the Long Nha tribe, who gave Raya a dragon pendant as a gift. Trusting her, Raya shows Namaari the location of the jewel but Namaari betrays Raya and reveals that she is trying to help Long Nha steal it. Alerted about the attack, Benja and the other tribes arrive at the scene and begin to scramble for the gem, the jewel falls in a scuffle. When each tribe steals a piece of the sphere, the Druun species awakens and ravages the land of Long Tam. Wounded and discovered that Druun was weak against the water, Chief Benja dropped Raya into a river and was turned to stone by Druun.

Over the next six years, Raya traveled around Kumandra in search of Sisu to help her recover the missing jade shards. After reaching a shipwreck in Long-Tails, Raya finally summons Sisu. Sisu admits that she doesn't create the orb, but only uses it in place of her siblings and is able to gain sibling powers when she touches its pieces. The two recover a second fragment from a ruined temple in the Long Tailed Beast, which has given Sisu the power to change shape. After Raya steals Long Nha's portrait of Sisu, the two encounter a hostile Namaari and the people of the tribe. Escape from the temple, the two escape on the boat of a young restaurant owner Boun. Despite Boun's friendliness, Raya doesn't completely trust him and insists on Sisu keep her human form.

The group goes to Long Vi to get the third gemstone. Raya meets the scammer Noi and her monkey-like trio, Ongis, who adopted Noi after Druun petrified the baby's mother. After a chase, Raya recruits Noi and Ongis while Sisu encounters Dang Hu, the leader of the Long-Tailed Beast, who sinfully offered her to Druun for other pieces of jade. Raya rescues Sisu and retrieves the third piece, Sisu spits out the mist and escapes. The group then travels to Long Cot and meets Tong, a fearsome warrior and the only survivor of the village. Namaari arrives and Raya holds her back in a fight so the others can escape, but before Namaari can defeat her, Sisu transforms back into a dragon and saves Raya. Realizing that Sisu is a dragon, the friends agree to help Raya. Handing Raya's gem fragment to Raya, this jade allows Sisu to manipulate the rain.

As the group gets closer to Long Nha, Sisu proposes to ally with Namaari instead of stealing the last piece. When Raya refuses, Sisu takes her back to Long Tam land and tells about how her siblings trust her that really helped her to save Kumandra. Raya is amused and decides to give Namaari the dragon pendant as a request for peace. Raya and Sisu meet privately with Namaari, but Namaari, torn by responsibility to save Long Nha's reputation and wishing to help defeat Druun, threatens to shoot them with the crossbow upon seeing the sphere fragments. Sisu tries to calm Namaari down but is shot to death when Raya hits Namaari's crossbow. When the dragon finally died, all the water on the lands disappeared, Long Nha was overrun by Druun. Raya stepped in to confront Namaari, who was mourning that Chief Virana had turned to stone.

The two fight while Raya's companions rescue the people of Long Nha using gem shards. Raya fights against Namaari, preparing to kill her, but stops upon realizing her fault in Sisu's death for not being able to trust others. So Raya shook hands with Namaari to support the group. After rescuing the others, the ground was broken and Druun approached them. Recalling how the mutual trust used to help Sisu save the world, Raya urges the others to come and reassemble the jewel, demonstrating her trust in Namaari by handing over her piece and Let Druun turn her into stone. The rest of them did, and Namaari assembled the gem before Druun also petrified her.

The jewel was reassembled, the Druun defeated, all the people and the dragons revived. As Raya and her friends celebrate, the dragons come and revive Sisu. Everyone reunites with the loved ones who died, including Raya and Chief Benja. Dragons and tribes gathered at Long Tam to celebrate and eventually reunite as Kumandra.


  • Kelly Marie Tran as Raya
  • Awkwafina as Sisu
  • Izaac Wang as Boun
  • Gemma Chan as Namaari
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Benja
  • Benedict Wong as Tong
  • Sandra Oh as Virana
  • Thalia Tran as Little Noi
  • Lucille Soong as Dang Hu
  • Alan Tudyk as Tuk Tuk


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