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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (2013


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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters (2013 Review


Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters is a film in the genre of cinematic fantasy adventure produced in 2013, the film is based on the book of the same name by writer Rick Riordan The Sea of ​​Monsters. The film is a sequel to the 2010 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and the second in the Percy Jackson franchise. The story continues the journey of the boy Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) and his friends in the search for the golden fleece at a place called Sea of ​​Monsters (well known by humans. as the Bermuda Triangle) with the aim of saving the Thalia god tree, the tree that protects the Demigod Camp from being poisoned is slowly dying. The film was produced by Karen Rosenfelt, Mark Radcliffe and Chris Columbus (each directed the first part of the film) by 20th Century Fox and directed by Thor Freudenthal. and is converted to 3D in post-production. The film after its release received mixed reviews from viewers as well as critics, but the film also has a lot of praise for the action scenes as well as special effects.

The film remains with actors Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, and Jake Abel returning to their roles as in the previous installment. However, Nathan Fillion and Anthony Head replaced Dylan Neal and Pierce Brosnan as Hermes and Chiron compared to the original film. New actor Leven Rambin plays Clarisse La Rue character who should have appeared in season 1 but has not had the chance, Douglas Smith as half brother with Percy, Tyson is a cyclops, Stanley Tucci as the god of wine Dionysus, manager of the Demigod Camp. Filming began at the end of April 2012 and ended in July of the same year. The film scene was mainly taken in Vancouver and New Orleans.

The film was officially released in Vietnam on August 30, 2013 with the official name of Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters.


Percy tells the story of Thalia and her noble sacrifice to protect her friends: Annabeth, Luke, Grover and Thalia are running to the Demigod Camp while being chased by monsters. Thalia sacrificed herself so her friends could return to the camp safely and in doing so, her father - Zeus could find a way to revive her into a pine tree, creating a magical shield around the Camp. so that no demigod would have a fate like her. At Camp, Percy began to feel "A Frustration". Not long after, Chiron and Mr. D investigate a Cyclops that somehow managed to get through the Camp gates, and he was Tyson, Percy's half-brother. As soon as the Camp members took over Percy and Tyson, the Camp was again attacked by a Colchis mechanical cow, which broke the veil and devastated Camp Demigod. Percy eventually kills the cow with the help of Tyson, Annabeth, and Clarisse. Soon after, Luke Castellan, the son of Hermes, the main antagonist of The Lightning Thief, appeared, dragging Poseidon's sons back to his side. Percy refused, and Luke disappeared.

The trio of Percy, Annabeth and Grover, after receiving the prophecy, learn that Luke has poisoned the Thalia Pine, causing the tree to lose its protection magic for the Camp, then set out to find the Yellow Fleece, as well as stop Luke Use the Feather to revive Cronus - lord of the old gods who wants to destroy Olympu. Tyson- Cyclops had just appeared demanded to follow the trio, causing them a lot of trouble. On the way, Grover was kidnapped, the remaining three immediately followed the words of the god Hermes to find Luke's spaceship. After a fight, due to strong enemy forces, Percy, Annabeth and Tyson were again locked up by Luke in his cell. Percy used her power to save everyone. The three of them go to find Grover again, on the way to meet Clarisse - the daughter of the war god Ares, who is now on a zombie ship, asking them to continue the journey.

Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Clarisse reunited with Grover. At that moment, Luke reappears, asking Percy to hand over the Yellow Fleece. Percy refused to let him, he shot him with a gun when Tyson jumped out to catch the shot and fell off the cliff. This made Percy desperate and painful, realizing that Tyson's brotherhood for him was too selfish. Annabeth lifted him up when they were both tied up in front of Cronus's coffin. After that, Percy regained her spirit and joined the fierce fight with Luke. Unfortunately, he brought Cronus back to Cronus. Percy reunites with Tyson, knowing that Tyson never died from having water's healing powers. The brothers hugged each other, and Percy finally called Tyson a "brother". Percy used the cursed sword to end Cronus, bringing peace to the world.

The thoughts of joy won, but Annabeth was not careful to be stabbed through the chest by a monster. She died, Percy used the Golden Fleece to revive her. Annabeth returned to life and returned to Camp Half-Blood with her friends. Everyone placed the Feather on the Thalia fir tree, wishing for the magical barrier to return. But to their surprise, Furry outlast the Pine Tree, which also had another unexpected effect, which brought Thalia back to life.

At the end of the film, Percy ponders his Prophecy, The Prophecy of "the one who will destroy Olympus is one of the descendants of the Great Trio of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades". Perhaps, that Prophecy did not only fulfill him, but it could also be for Thalia.


Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, a Demigod, son of Poseidon.

Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, Percy's best friend, is a satyr (god of the jungle). Bjorn Yearwood plays the young Grover.

Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase, is a demigod and son of Athena. Alisha Newton as Young Annabeth.

Leven Rambin as Clarisse La Rue, is a Demigod and the son of Ares. Jake Abel as Luke Castellan, is a Demigod and the son of Hermes. Samuel Braun plays Luke as a child.

Stanley Tucci as Dionysus / Mr. D, is the wine god and runs the Demigod Camp.

Nathan Fillion as Hermes, Luke's father; the god of communication, travel, and theft.

Douglas Smith as Tyson is a cyclops and Percy's half brother.

Paloma Kwiatkowski as Thalia Grace, is a Demigod and the son of Zeus. Katelyn Mager as a young Thalia.

Anthony Head as Chiron, co-manager of the Demigod Camp. Chiron is a centaur. He replaced Pierce Brosnan, who played the role in the pre-The Lightning Thief.

Robert Maillet as Polyphemus, the One-Eyed Giant (Cyclops) guarding Circeland and the Yellow Fleece

Derek Mears and Aleks Paunovic as Cyclops.