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Leon: Professional

110 min

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Leon: Professional is a 1994 English-French film written and directed by Lou Besson, and his first film in Hollywood. Starring Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman.

Plot of "Leon: Professional"

Leon Montana ( Jean Reno ) is a top Italian-American professional killer who has been living alone in Little Italy , New York, "cleaning for an Italian restaurant owner (also Italian-American) named Tony. ", only a pot of evergreen is his best friend. He described: "It's always happy, never asks questions, and is just like me - has no roots." Although he is very skilled, he is actually very insecure inside. He never even dared to sleep in bed, but instead slept in a chair with a pistol handy for any intruding enemy. Only when I watch my favorite old movies, I will laugh like a simple child.

One day, a 12-year-old neighbor girl, Matilda Lando ( Natalie Portman ), who is well connected, knocks on Leon's door with a rare knock. It turns out that Matilda's father, a drug dealer, took the lead of Norman Steinfeld ( Gary Oldman ) , a well-dressed and musical black policeman who stole a copy of the Drug Enforcement Bureau 's black policeman. The family was killed in cold blood, only Matilda escaped because she went out for shopping, so she had to pretend she didn't see it, and cried to Lyon for help. With her biological mother gone, she grew up in an unhealthy environment and looked lonely and precocious — her father who engaged in illegal transactions treated her domestically, her stepmother who engaged in prostitution was perfunctory, and her half-sister was arrogant and equally violent, and she was treated as The problem girl was sent to the reformatory school and truanted in anger. The only way to escape was when she slipped out the door and sat by the stairs to steal a cigarette. So she doesn't care much about other people's deaths, and only feels sorry for her only 4-year-old brother who has deep feelings.

After discovering that Leon is the killer, Matilda asks him to train herself to take revenge. He hesitates whether to kill her while she is asleep, but finally gives up the idea. After being taken in by Leon, she began to help Leon's housekeeper and taught him to read, and Leon taught her the skills of a killer and asked her to drink milk and not to smoke.

After that, Matilda stalked Steinfeld, but she was arrested for taking revenge. Leon arrived in time after dealing with Stanfield's men and rushed into the police building to rescue her. They move again, but because Leon's employer Tony ( Danny Aiello ) has to confess Leon's whereabouts to Stanfield because his family is being held hostage, Matilda is eventually threatened by police stalking. This time, Steinfeld mobilized more than 200 heavily armed SWAT officers equipped with armored vehicles , assault rifles and grenade launchers to surround the apartment, determined to kill Leon. Lyon knocked down a large number of SWAT team members and rescued Matilda again. Because the ventilation duct was too small, only the smaller Matilda could pass through, so Leon asked her to take the potted plant to escape through the duct to find Tony, and entrusted her life savings to her and said goodbye from the bottom of her heart. Afterwards, Lyon tried to wear a mask and dressed as an injured SWAT team member to get out of the siege, but was finally seen by Steinfeld, who was ambushed behind him, and fell to the ground. In the end, the dying Leon detonated all the grenades on his body and perished with Stanfield.

After Leon died, Tony suggested that Matilda should keep the money Leon left her first, and come back to him when he needed money. Matilda took the cable car to the reformatory school on Roosevelt Island alone, and moved the pot of evergreen, Lyon's only friend, out of the narrow flower pot and planted it on the ground. Lyon was finally able to return to its roots.

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