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Inhuman Kiss (2019)


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Inhuman Kiss (2019) Review

About Inhuman Kiss (2019)

  • Movie: Inhuman Kiss
  • Country: Thailand
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2019
  • Duration: 2 hr. 1 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
  • Native Title: แสงกระสือ
  • Also Known As: Saeng Krasue
  • Screenwriter: Ma-Deaw Chookiat Sakveerakul
  • Screenwriter & Director: Dom Sitisiri Mongkolsiri
  • Genres: Thriller, Horror, Drama, Supernatural
  • Today we may see conflicts that only look to hurt each other. no compromise not accepting each other's differences However, the Thai film 'Inhuman Kiss', which has recently entered theaters It may become a ray of hope that rises to call us to take a deep breath. And do you think there will be? How we can coexist with things that are different from us.

    Inhuman Kiss (2019) Plot

    'Sai' (Minnie-Pantira Phithayakon) who has been inherited as a Krasue through a kiss from Krasue first. She just realized that she wasn't an ordinary person. And her life might be more difficult without the help of her childhood friend Noi (Obnithi Wiwattanawarang), who disappeared before returning to the village again. (With a group of people who hunt tigers) There is also another important character, 'Jed' (Great—Saphon Asawamankong) who falls in love with Sai as well. And is also a close friend in childhood as well. In addition to telling the story of the Krasue This movie is a love triangle movie, the three of us are romantic-Fantacy that invites you to follow (reminds me of the Thai version of Twilight as well).

Although Saeng Krasue is a movie that tells the story of a ghost in Thai legend, 'Krasue' (of course!), but if we look at the English title 'Inhuman kiss', we can see through the director that he is not. View Krasue as a 'ghost', but try to emphasize one word, 'inhuman', because it is important that the word 'inhuman' has a certain meaning. non-human beings which can be interpreted very broadly Because beings on this planet that are not human are also non-human. So this movie is about humans and their surroundings. It's a question that Humans will be able to coexist with other living beings. Can you do it without hurting each other?

The main character that makes us see this point most clearly is 'Noi', who makes us see that even if Sai becomes a human being. But if we choose to give love to each other Try to understand the other person. Try to learn. Get to know the other person better. We will be able to live together. Even the disappearance of the little things is still something that the movie has left in mid-air. And the reason for the less return has not been revealed. 'I just want to come back', but the development of this character may be an example that we will see. Anyone can learn and understand how to coexist with things that are different from us.

From the beginning, Noi saw Sai as a tiger until he was afraid that he did not dare to approach. Until I listened to Luang Pee's advice. “Believe what your eyes see. But if you do anything, do what your heart sees” (which has become a sentence that really touches our heart). From this sentence, it turns me off to open my heart and try to learn about Sai's life on the other side. make less gradually Accept calls in the fledgling version Before it was born a cute scene For example, bringing fresh chicken to deliver it to Sai and the hand when it is a tiger. Which invites the audience to laugh and smile at this scene, no less.

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